Stockholm fashion week


Salam my lovelies!
Dropping a few pics from today’s fashion week here in sthlm. It was an interesting experience and i had a lot of fun. Of course I was there with my partner in crime Imane (Fashion with faith) and we happened to go to Jennifer bloms show (instead of Kenzas that we missed :/) and it was basically maxi-dress heaven, I wanted to have everything. I usually associate fashion week with haute couture, trends I usually don’t follow, but this time I liked what the modells were wearing! Anyways, the last pic is off all the hijabis who attended fashion week today, five of us, nice huh? And of course i had to represent my abaya sisters so I chose to were abaya X 2 (one open and one closed). I mean what is fashion week without a hijab in a abaya?

Outfit of the day – red stripes


7789166560_img_7791You can buy this dress here (adlink) ladies!

This is what I will be rocking today ladies, and it’s also the latest dress in my closet . As you might tell it’s similar to the dress I previously blogged about. But I feel like the black and withe stripes in combination with read gives you that tougher vibe. I usually dress in a more sweet/feminine style, but I love this style too. On another note, usually don’t wear black hijabs that often, but maybe I should start? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! would you wear this look? 🙂

Outfit of the day – A favorite


Good morning lovelies! Hope you are having a good start to your day so far! I just wanted to share an outfit I had on the other day. It’s one of my favorite items in my closet (beside my plain black abayas of course) and its a dress I get asked a lot about. I mean look at it, its striped, its black and white and it’s trumpet sleeved. It’s that kind of dress you can wear to a party or an evening event with a pare of heels or to work/school with a pare of converse. It’s definitely a ”go-to dress” in my closet. You can find the dress here (adlink) ladies!

P.s I got a request from one of you lovely readers to do a ”closet essentials for the modest fashionista” post, and your wish is my command. I will be working on that post as soon as possible. 💕