Saaaaalam ladies!! And welcome to my new blog!! You guys might be wondering why I’ve started a new blog or why I have two blogs now as it actually is. And it’s simpley because I wanted to follow my heart and do what I do best and do it wholeheartedly, which is blogging about modest fashion. Since my other blog slowly turned into a lifestyle blog although it once started as a food and fashion blog, I feel like I’ve lost a part of my real interest along the way. So here is to second chances, a do over and a do it right-move. Are you guys with me?!

It’s 2018, and this day to be exact, marks 10 years of me being a hijabi. Can you guys believe it? A decade allahummabarik?! which of more then half of it I’ve been on social media blogging about it. I’ve come a long way in finding my personal style alongside the Islamic regulations of wearing the hijabi. It hasn’t been easy, specially since I’ve always felt like I don’t have that ”hijab-face” that so many others have. But my love to God overcomes that insecurity and that’s what keeps me going. My hijab journey also began with the biggest battle of all – fighting to wear it and fit in amongst my own family. The style I chose (no-pants, only abaya most of the time), was really hard for my family to accept, mostly because they were worried about me, about becoming too ”extreme” and how things would be in Tunisia (because of the old regime). It took a few years, but we are all good now, and I’m so happy I struggled so much in the beginning  because it only made me more determined, and even more in love with the hijab. I hold on real tight to those feelings and memories whenever I go through difficulties with my hijab. And as I promised myself then, and as I renew that promise everyday – once the hijab is on, it’s on for life Inshaa Allah 🙏🏻

With that being said, during this day and age, it has never been this amazing, complicated, lovely and hard to be a hijabi in todays society, and social media enhances all those feels. So here is a new platform were everything hijab goes! A platform about hijab in every context possible. Jalla bismillah ❤

P.S Yes, I will be blogging in english, sorry not sorry 😛

8 reaktioner till “#I’MAHIJABI

  1. Kilililiiiiiiiii grattis! Du upphör aldrig att överraska med din kreativitet Mashallah. Jag kommer följa dig här lika troget som jag följer din livsstilsblogg, nu har jag två favvobloggar istället för en. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    1. Åhh va underbar du är!! Tusen tack för din kommentar! Jag hoppas att jag ska få utlopp för just den sidan av kreativitet som jag älskar mest i detta plattform och de är så fantastiskt att höra er respons om detta ❤️



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